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Recommendation: Teresa Thompson

“Please consider this a strong letter of support for Stephanie Vermillion. Stephanie took my class on Communication Theory during her sophomore year and also traveled to Italy with us on a study abroad trip during the summer of 2009. I have known her for at least five years.

I was very pleased with her performance in the classes she took from me; I was also delighted that she was taking the classes. She made helpful and important contributions starting at the very beginning of the semester. She was an active and enthusiastic class participant. Her comments were always insightful. The other students enrolled in the class benefitted by the experiences she shared with them. Stephanie is a very bright and highly motivated young woman.

She is one of those rare individuals whose intelligence is apparent as soon as you begin interacting with her. I could tell on the first day of class that she was going to be a welcome addition to the classroom experience. Stephanie’s interest in relevant subject matter is strong. She is already knowledgeable about her area of study and what the work will involve. She is very serious about making a contribution to her profession.

I am confident that she will be an excellent professional. She is well prepared for professional work in the field. Her strong interpersonal skills will also serve her nicely in this career. Stephanie’s work in my classes was very strong. She did a great job on the tests, papers, and class presentations. She has the background, intelligence, study habits, and maturation that she will need to do well in any organization. She is hard working, diligent, and enthusiastic.

Stephanie has my highest recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if there is any additional information I can provide for you. Teresa L. Thompson, Ph.D. Editor, Health Communication Professor of Communication Univ. of Dayton Dayton, OH 45469-1410” November 10, 2011

Teresa Thompson, Professor, University of Dayton (academic)


Phone: 937-229-2379


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