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September 9, 2014 / Stephanie Vermillion

Living in that PR State of Mind

I remember the day it all clicked. The day I realized, “wait, I CAN” do this, and hey, I think I actually enjoy it!

First day on the jobAs most PR agency pros can attest, those first few months on a first job can be trying. The challenges will make you wonder whether it’s a good fit, and, unfortunately will have you considering other options.

(In my case, I seriously considered going back into journalism … which I studied in college, before switching and going to grad school for PR. Talk about running in circles.)

But the great thing is, when you stick it out, and have a solid support system, you’ll eventually get your feet on the ground.

That’s when the fun begins.

Today, two years after taking the plunge into PR, I’m loving every day in this fascinating, evolving and constantly-on-your-toes industry. I’m happily living in that PR state of mind.

Like most new pros, I still have a lot to learn – but thank goodness. The challenge is what makes it fun. As we go along, I’ll share my learnings with you here while reflecting on our industry’s evolution and the latest PR best practices.

So join me, PR pros, and let’s get to living in – and loving – that PR state of mind!




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