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Stephanie Vermillion Public Relations

Stephanie Vermillion

Public relations agency pro.
Concentrated, engaging communicator.
Writer with rapport.
Editor with grammatical fixation.
Event-planning enthusiast.
Award-winning photographer.
PR industry trend watcher.
Blogging to remember, ’cause after 50 I’ll forget.
Capturing moments with multimedia, sharing through social.
tweet, like, connect, Insta, Tumble and pin like there’s no tomorrow.

I volunteer helping children in need whenever, however I can.

One day I’ll trek across each continent, run the Boston Marathon and shake hands with Bill Belichick.
But until then I’ll continue loving life, kickin’ it with my dog and consuming the max number of carbohydrates a marathon runner’s diet will allow.

M.S. Public Relations, Boston University | B.A. Journalism, University of Dayton


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